Mini Action Sport Video Camera Cam Wifi DV Camcorder Portable Black

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Mini Action Sport Video Camera Cam Wifi DV Camcorder Portable Black
AVI format video recording convenient for direct playback on PC and easy to upload to video website> High-speed dynamic video light and dark environments transient response; > Video output: 720 O 480px 30 frames / sec; > Built-in lithium battery support about 1 hour of continuous use voice-activated video can use longer time; > Maximum support 16G expansion card; > Fool-type operation integration of lighting control instructions automatic shutdown; > Easy installation suitable for installation by a variety materials of carriers in complex environment. Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 2 x 2 cm Color: Black Pixel : 640 x 480 ( Photo ) 320 x 240 ( Video ) Product Features : Self WIFI hotspot 1. In the absence of a router the camera will automatically set up the WIFI network using a mobile phone to search its WIFI hotspot to connect the camera WIFI router connection 1. If there is a router the camera will give priority to connect to the router no need to do network port settings. 2. Using P2P technology without any user settings it will automatically penetrate and apply all domestic and foreign operators' network walls or even GPRS network. Cable networks including Railcom China Netcom telecommunications the Great Wall Gehua Pearl River Community Network rental networks wireless networks including China Mobile China Unicom Telecoms 2G and 3G networks 3. Need no IP settings domain name and UPNP settings 4. Using the phone to connect users can watch videos whenever and wherever they want 5. Logging in via a mobile phone users can apply their own arbitrary user name easy to remember simply enter the user name and password and it is OK to use. Product features (WIFI) 1. Equipped with WIFI it needs no user wiring quick and easy installation without damaging the users existing housing layout and structure 2. WIFI distance. In open space WIFI effective distance radius of this product is 100m. In ordinary housing the effective distance radius is 30m big enough to cover the entire ordinary room Advantages: Multipoint: In the absence of a router users can also use the phone to watch screens of up to ten machines and supports multiple phones simultaneously. Easy to operate: Can automatically connect to the router has been connected before Do not need router port mapping and DDNS domain name as long as the home wireless router can connect to the Internet you can watch videos without warring about network problems wherever they go whether it is in a car overseas KFC MFC Star Bar hotels as long as the phone has turned on 2G or 3G or WIFI you can see videos. Note: A) Use: Please strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations this product can not be used for any illegal purposes or take responsibility for any violation. B) Battery: long periods of no use please fully charged before use at least one charge in a month. C) Operating temperature 0 - 45 degrees Celsius it is best used at room temperature D) Operating h ... Read More »

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