Bowflex TreadClimber TC10

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Bowflex TreadClimber TC10
;br;;b;Bowflex TreadClimber TC10:;/b;;ul;;li;Restore and boost your energy while sculpting your abs and legs;li;Impressively low-impact workout that;s easy on your joints;li;;Perceived exertion; is incredibly low. meaning you;ll burn more calories on a TreadClimber than you would with other cardio machines, but won;t feel as tired when you;re done;li;Get the effects; mdash; and the results; mdash; without feeling the fatigue;li;A University of Wisconsin study indicates that TreadClimber technology lets you burn up to 3.5 times the calories in the same amount of time as with other cardio machines;li;Unique dual treadle system, which offers the benefits of 3 machines in 1:;ul;;li;In Action 1, the TC10 performs like a treadmill, with belts that move as you walk forward;li;In Action 2, the TC10 mimics a stair climber, with 2 independent treadles that move up and down;li;When you combine these actions, you get the third machine: an elliptical trainer that provides a smooth, low-impact motion;/ul;;li;Cardio training on the TreadClimber TC10 not only helps you lose weight, but it also increases your energy level, improves your bone density, increases HDLs (the; good; cholesterol) , reduces back pain and makes you leaner;/ul;;br;;b;Site to Store Pickup Note:;/b;;ul;;li;This item is packaged in multiple large boxes that may not fit in a standard-sized vehicle. Please make sure you have a large car or truck for store pickup.;li;Box 1 dimensions: 48;L x 24;W x12;H; weight: 73 lbs;li;Box 2 dimensions: 55;L x 27;W x 10;H; weight: 112 lbs;/ul; ... Read More »

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