Arkansas Post Lapel Pin

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Arkansas Post Lapel Pin
Situated at the confluence of the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers, the Arkansas Post has a long and storied history. Changing locations several times and undergoing multiple ownerships, ultimately it has come to represent a union of cultures. What began as a settlement of the native Quapaw people, the Arkansas Post was established in 1686 as a trading post by the French Explorer Henri de Tonti, and would come to play important roles in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Wear this colorful pin (a staple for any history buff wishing to add to their collection) with pride as you relate your trip to and knowledge of the Arkansas Post to anyone not fortune enough to visit this remarkable national monument themselves. The image on the pin symbolizes the peaceful relations between the native Quapaw people and the European settlers which were crucial to the success of the Post.Product DetailsDimensions: 1"" W x 0.75"" H Designed and Finished in the USA ... Read More »

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