American Standard 211A.A104 Champion Pro Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with EverCle Bone Fixture Two-Piece Round

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American Standard 211A.A104 Champion Pro Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with EverCle Bone Fixture Two-Piece Round
Product Features: Fully covered under a 10 year warranty - 10 times the industry standard Quick, quiet flushing - American Standard toilets are famously efficient and hushed Industry-leading flushing system out-performs older toilets while using less than 1/2 the water Tank flushing components specially engineered to withstand chemically-treated urban water EverClean porcelain surface is extremely easy to keep clean, including inside the bowl PowerWash flushing completely clears the bowl, including under the bowl rim Sanitary bar on bowl prevents liquids from traveling under the tank Elongated bowl shape - more comfortable than a round bowl Two-piece toilet - less cumbersome than one-piece designs to lift, carry, and install Chair-height bowl - easier to sit and stand; appropriate for adults and the elderly Left mounted tank lever Perfected porcelain casting process and adjustable tank anchors eliminate "tank wobbles" Straight-forward installation instructions are included with each toilet 100% factory flush tested - guaranteed to perform Toilet seat is not included - when adding to cart, options that fit this toilet will be presented Wax ring kit (for installation) is not included - when adding to cart, this inexpensive item will be presented Champion 4 Flushing: Accelerator 4 flush valve The flush starts with a piston action flush valve that lifts straight up, allowing water to pour into 4 valve opening from all directions. 1.6 gallons of water enters the bowl in less than a second - three times faster than standard 2 flush valves, and twice as fast as even performance 3 flush valves. The flush is quiet, too. 360 degree cleaning Water entering the bowl does so in a sweeping 360-degree motion. This is designed to help completely clear the bowl, even while using less water. Powerful siphoning water jet A perfectly positioned water jet captures the circular flow of water for optimal performance with minimal energy loss (water doesnt hit a flat spot and slow down) . As waste and water exit, they are siphoned into the trapway for an unmatched push/pull one-two punch. 2-3/8 fully glazed trapway Waste and water exit the toilet through a trapway that is fully glazed, which seals it and provides for a smooth surface that waste can in no way cling to. The industry-leading 2-3/8 diameter chute also allows for solids with a nearly 70% greater mass exit without clogging. Other Technologies / Benefits: Everclean Surface Using the antimicrobial properties of silver (the precious metal) , Everclean Surfaces inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The super smooth, baked-in, mirror-like surface not only eliminates unsightly rings, but also helps repel toilet messes. PowerWash Rim During each flush, a measured amount of water travels within an inner-rim channel to be evenly dispersed throughout the bowl. PowerWash rims are surprisingly good at compl ... Read More »

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